Nanu's taxi
Marion Drew
Marion Drew

Hello! My name is Nanu.

I am waiting with my mother for a taxi. We are going home.


Here I am standing in line.

My mother sings me a song. "Come Mr Taxi can't you see? We are waiting, Nanu and me!"


The lady next to me is taking her chickens home.

They will lay eggs for her to eat.


These men are coming back from work. They smile at me.

I hear them sing, "Hey little Nanu, don't you worry. Taxi's coming in a hurry."


A lady walks past. She is a very smart lady.

Aren't her shoes beautiful? They go "click, click, click, click, click, click" when she walks.


This man is selling cold drinks. I love cold drinks. They are so cold and sweet.

Do you like them?


Look! There are ladies taking their supper home on their heads.

Aren't they clever?


That lady is having her hair done.

She is going out with her friends tonight.


I am tired now. My mother puts me on her back where I can rest.

She sings, "Please Mr Taxi, don't be late, Gogo is waiting at our gate."


There is my friend Tumi. He is also resting.

We will be home soon.


High up there the birds are flying home.

They must get home before it is dark.


This lady has beautiful earrings. I think she bought them in town today.

When I grow up I will buy many earrings for me and my mother.


My mother is getting tired now.

I sing her a song, "Please Mr Taxi, won't you come, we are waiting, me and mum."


Wait! I can hear the taxi!

Here it comes!


This is our big red taxi. It has come to take me and my mother home.

I am very happy!



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Nanu's taxi
Author - Marion Drew
Illustration - Marion Drew
Language - English
Level - First sentences