Mondli and Mbali visit grandmother
Violet Otieno
Catherine Groenewald

Mondli and Mbali lived in the city with their father. They looked forward to the holidays.

Not just because school was closed, but because they went to visit their grandmother. She lived in a village near a large lake.


Mondli and Mbali were excited because it was time to visit their grandmother again. The night before, they packed their bags and got ready for the long journey to her village.

They could not sleep and talked the whole night about the holiday.


Early the next morning, they left for the village in their father's car. They drove past mountains, animals and farms.

They counted cars and sang songs. After a while, the children were tired and fell asleep.


Father woke up Mondli and Mbali as they arrived in the village.

They found Nobuntu, their grandmother, resting on a mat under a tree.


Nobuntu welcomed them into her house and danced around the room singing with joy.

Her grandchildren were excited to give her the presents they brought from the city. "First open my gift," said Mondli. "No, my gift first!" said Mbali.


After she opened the presents, Nobuntu blessed her grandchildren. Then Mondli and Mbali went outside to play.

Nobuntu and her son talked about the family and caught up with news.


When it was dark Mondli and Mbali returned to the house for dinner. Before they could finish eating, they were falling asleep!

The next day, the children's father drove back to the city leaving them with Nobuntu.


Mondli and Mbali helped their grandmother with household chores. They fetched water and firewood.

They collected eggs from the chickens and picked greens from the garden.


One morning, Mondli took his grandmother's cows to graze. They ran onto a neighbour's farm.

The farmer was angry. He threatened to keep the cows for eating his crops. After that day, Mondli made sure that the cows did not get into trouble again.


On another day, the children went to the market place with Nobuntu. She had a stall selling vegetables, sugar and soap.

Mbali liked to tell customers the price of items. Mondli would pack the items that customers bought.


But the holidays were over too soon. The children had to go back to school in the city.

Nobuntu gave Mondli a cap and Mbali a sweater. She packed food for their journey home.


When their father came to fetch them, they did not want to leave. The children begged Nobuntu to go with them to the city.

She smiled and said, "I am too old for the city. But I will be waiting here for you to visit again next holiday."

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Mondli and Mbali visit grandmother
Author - Violet Otieno
Adaptation - African Storybook
Illustration - Catherine Groenewald
Language - English
Level - Longer paragraphs